We have taken all necessary preventative measures to ensure that our guests and staff members are safe as we operate in todays environment. 

Practices to Protect the Health Management and Safety of Guests and Staff

The Laikipia landscape of Northern Kenya is an in-tact, natural ecosystem with stunning natural backdrops. Visiting us in this area, will offer many visitors a re-energising, and grounding holiday experience. An oasis from the stress brought on from strict COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions. The farm itself is an organic, natural environment, with long views and open spaces to transport you to a place of calm and hope. The safety of our guests has always been paramount and will continue to remain so.

Our approach to re-opening Olepangi to welcome back staff and guests

Welcoming employees back

  • Ministry of Health testing for COVID 19, All Employees.

  • Training for all employees on COVID-19 protocols

  • Training of company COVID-19 health and safety protocols that follow WHO advice, for all employee’s

  • Training for specific departments on additional protocols of sanitation, social distancing, safety, etc.

Re-Open for Business During COVID-19

  • Continue with implementation of COVID-19 health and safety protocols

  • Implementation of guest arrival and briefing protocols

  • Regular internal audits of adherence to policies with policies to be added or updated

  • Insisting that guests be have full AMREF cover or other adequate cover which allows for medical evacuation.


  • Continuing to follow health and safety protocols as recommended by WHO

  • Adapting and evolving with changing times to be resilient and sustainable in all our operations

Employee Safety

  • All staff to be tested by the Ministry of Health for COVID19.

  • Receive regular, repeated COVID training on hygiene and preventative measures.

  • Maintaining social distancing within the employee quarters.

  • Masks to be worn at all times.

  • Implement strict cleaning & sanitation protocols for employee quarters.

  • All employees will be subject to daily health & temperature checks.

  • Social distancing protocols will be in place for daily operations within the lodge.

  • Any member of staff with an elevated temperature or displaying COVID like symptoms will be isolated and brought to the nearest medical facility.

Guest Safety
On Arrival at the farm gate:

  • Your temperature will be taken and will be requested to sanitise your hands and wear a face mask.

  • The gate guard will also be wearing a mask and sanitation protocols in place. They will not offer you a handshake or hug but will offer a warm welcome, social distancing will be in place.

On Arrival at the Lodge:

  • Our hosts and employees will not offer you a handshake or hug but will offer a warm welcome.

  • All guests will be required to wear face masks when they are near to other people. We will ask guests to keep a 2M distance from individuals outside their immediate family.

  • Temperature checks will be taken daily.

  • Unless you have pre-signed any arrival documents please ensure you do so with your own or a freshly sanitised pen

Communal Areas:

  • All communal areas will be thoroughly cleaned through out the day at regular intervals.

  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitised frequently throughout the day.

  • Seating is spaced such that groups can congregate in separate areas, with at least 2m between them.

  • Hand wash stations and sanitisers will be available in all areas.

Your Room:

  • Each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before arrival.

  • Your housekeeper will follow strict protocols when cleaning your room and handling your clothes.

  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitised at regular intervals. If you prefer your room to not be cleaned, please let us know.

  • Sanitiser is available in the room.

Dining Experience:

  • All food is prepared by certified food handlers in a thoroughly cleaned kitchen or is prepared en-plein air in a hygienic setting.

  • All food will be served by the food handlers or will be presented for your own personal service.

  • Only food handling staff are permitted to enter the kitchen, ensuring it is a safe and clean environment.

  • Each group will dine individually and be spaced at least 2m apart.

  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitised before and after each use.

Emergency Procedures

  • A clear procedure is in place with our local emergency partners on the exact course of action to take in the event of a suspected case of COVID-19.



Together we have the potential to create a new lifestyle which will assist in our common goal to protect our health and overall wellbeing, whilst enjoying the experiences of being on our farm in Kenya.