Only 45 minutes from the bustling town of Nanyuki in the heart of the Laikipia Plateau, Olepangi Farm provides a beautiful, tranquil space for our guests to re-connect with nature. Surrounded by the giants of wildlife conservation, our little farm offers a break from the Big Five, early-morning game drives and introduces our guests to the natural beat of the farm. Bursting with flowers, one of the latest additions to the farm, our bees, are busy-ing away producing the best honey we have ever tasted - so simple, natural and wholesome. Perhaps we are biased! 

Our vision from the start was to create a sustainable, organic farm and each year we are astonished at its natural maturity. Our guests enjoy watching a relaxed daily routine with many guests joining in and giving our team a helping hand. A welcome retreat from busy home lives:  picking flowers, milking cows, learning about growing herbs. 

Our daily farm life looks a little like this, but, as with most things on a farm in Kenya, it is forever changing! And this is why we all love it and our guests come back time and time again - they are part of our extended family. 


Daily 07:00 & 16:00

In the stables, experience something unique with the traditional method of cow-milking. You are welcome to come along and observe Daniel, or maybe even have a go? The milk is then used in the kitchen for our creamy butter, yoghurt and puddings - delicious!


Daily 07:30 - 08:15

There is perhaps no better way of waking up in the morning to bird song and, as the sun rises, joining the lovely Joy on the Party House deck to stretch, relax and energise your body for the day ahead. 


Daily 07:30

Join our joyful Garden Team as they begin the day gathering fresh organic produce from our garden, which will miraculously appear on your plate at lunch and dinner.


Daily 10:00

Join our Head Chef, Joseph, and his team for their daily bread making. Be the first to taste the fresh bread as it comes out of the oven. Be sure to leave some for other guests!


Daily 10:00 & 14:00

For a small community donation of $10 per person, join our wonderful guide through the community land. Learn about the history various tribes that live in the area including Maasai and Kikuyu and their rural lifestyle. There are plenty of things to learn about from the bush including medicinal elements of the plants, the huge variety of birdlife and the huge changes of the landscape over the last 50 years or so. A chance to understand the local area, people and natural surroundings. A real highlight. 


Either take a riding lesson in our all weather arena for $50 pp per hour or if experienced, enjoy a Community trek for $50 or even go into the Conservancy to ride amongst the resident wildlife for $100 plus $58 Conservancy fee. We have horses to suit every level of rider.  For the conservancy ride, you must be an intermediate to advanced rider due to the danger of wild animals, particularly elephants.  The conservancy ride must be booked and confirmed in advance, to avoid disappointment.


On demand

Our in house masseuse has hands that wash away all the bumps and grinds of a busy day in the bush or after a long international flight. She offers a 1 hour full-body massage, facials or foot rituals at a fee of only $25


15:30 - 16:30

Our complimentary late afternoon tea and cake can't taste any better than when enjoyed by the fire, outside, watching passing wildlife and soaking up the views. Request from the kitchen and enjoy! 


18:30 onwards

Join other the team and other guests at the Pool House or Party House for the best sunset views on the property with a drink in hand. We are well known for our signature Gin & Tonics....


                                                   And here is it all neatly packaged up in one place: Rhythm of our Farm