Olepangi Farm is your place to explore and make your own and we guests find their own rhythm and favourite spaces for different times of day. 

Pool House

Our latest addition to the farm is our Pool House (rotating pictures of pool, sunlongers, night fire, breakfast top deck view Mt Kenya) an open space to relax looking across to the endless views of the wildlife conservancy opposite. Prefect for a quiet breakfast, then soaking up the sun around the pool before gathering around the bar for lunch. In the early evening, the fire is lit and guests enjoy chef Jospeh’s bitings with evening cocktails before joining a communal table for dinner or a more private, fine dining experience.

Party House

Our guests have the run of the farm and our ‘Party House’ is a sensational space with soaring makuti-thatched ceiling, again furnished with our personal collection of antique furniture, tribal textiles, oriental rugs and all kinds of interesting objets d’art collected from our travels around the world. Guests find a quiet escape in the sitting room with a book from our eclectic to enjoy afternoon tea, or join afternoon yoga on the deck. In the evening, the fire is lit and guests gather to enjoy drinks before dinner in the dining room.

Shady river beanbags

In the heat of the day there are plenty of spots to find a shady corner. One of our favourites is under the ancient Fig tree, down by the Ingishsi river that runs across the farm. This is a lovely spot for afternoon tea in dappled afternoon light or a quiet drink whilst laid out on bean bag listening to sounds of river and the wind in the trees.