Please follow these directions, NOT google maps as google will take you the wrong way. You’ve been warned!!

To download the directions please click here.

Please arrive well before dark. It’s really, really difficult to follow these directions in the dark.

To get to Nanyuki from Nairobi you will need to take a right hand turn approximately 12km after Karatina. The turn has quite a few signposts including Mt Kenya Safari Club. If you end up in Nyeri you have gone toofar.

  • Drive to Nanyuki and pass through Nanyuki Town heading towards Timau.

  • Approximately 10 – 15 minutes’ drive out of town, you will pass veggie stalls on your right in between two massive speed bumps.

  • The road then goes uphill, big sweeping right turn that goes sharply downward and over a bridge that then sweeps back up to the left. Enjoy the views of Mt Kenya to the right at this point!

  • About five minutes after you've been over the bridge there are flat top acacia trees that cover the road just before a town called Mia Moja. Now keep your eyes peeled as soon after that town you'll be looking for a left turn. (At this point you would have left Nanyuki about 20 mins to half an hour ago.)

  • When you see the white steeple of the Catholic Church on your left (JUST before Timau) turn left down the dirt road.  You know you've picked the correct road if you see a blue and white gate to a school about 100m down.

  • Keep going straight along this dirt road. You have a couple of kilometres on this road to travel before the road gets a bit rocky and starts heading downhill.

  • As you keep going downhill, there is a bridge ahead followed by a steep up hill. When you cross the bridge, the road will lead up and curve to the left.

  • Shortly, you will come to a junction. Turn right up the hill. Keep headed up that hill.

  • Turn left where the power lines turn left and keep on going. The road will be straight and in pretty good condition.

  • You know you're on the right track when you come across a really rocky piece of road with stunning views off to the front/right and a couple of little houses on the left.

  • Keep going. There will be a few other little road options but don’t be tempted to turn! Stay on the road. About 1.3 km down the road, it'll sweep around to the right (there is a small road that goes straight but follow the main road around to the right.)

  • You'll soon start going downhill again and then a steep drop in what we call the "Grand Canyon". There is an elephant fence on your right.

  • The "Grand Canyon" sweeps left and then sharply up again. The soil is very red in that dip. Keep headed along that road.

  • There is a driveway on the right about 100m after the Grand Canyon. Ignore it.

  • Keep going another 100m and turn right to keep on that road where you see the Olepangi Farm sign. There is a "nice" barbed wire fence on your right at this point with good tall grass inside.

Welcome to Olepangi Farm!

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