Magical Kenya 2021/22 Signature Experience:  Life on a Small Kenyan Farm

"Activity" at Olepangi Farm is not merely about staying busy or filling your days with diversions. It's about discovery, self-reflection and a deep awareness of your place in the world—all of which represent different things to different people. For some, the agenda might include nothing other than sitting on their verandah and staring at the long view, waiting for an elephant to wander past. For others, those looking for something more active, Olepangi offers so many ways to experience the daily rhythms of the farm.  

Scroll below to learn a little about how our days are spent and how you can join in with our team.  Or CLICK HERE to open a downloadable file that provides an outline of a typical day.

Begin each day with a morning yoga class or help the farm team milk the cows. Join us for bread making or the routine of arranging the daily collection of flowers — help gather the day's vegetables, herbs and fruit. Fancy a horse ride or a walk with the legendary Mr. Kariuki?   Ease into the evening with a cocktail and sunset view. It's all up to you . . .

This is more than simply flying in and flying out of a wildlife reserve for a few nights; it is a broader connection with Kenya, away from the busyness of ordinary city life or the rigours of game safaris. 

Young Farmer's Club

Enroll your children to the Young Farmer's Club and they will learn about agriculture, life on a Kenyan farm, how to milk cows and much more!

For more information and how to enroll, check out our 'Young Farmer's Club' page.


Join us in milking the cows

In the stables, experience something unique with the traditional method of cow-milking.  We have our own small herd of pedigree Jersey cows, famous for the quality of their cream and butter.  This takes place at 8 am and 4:00 pm each day.  You are welcome to come along and observe on of the team, or maybe even have a go yourself?

The milk you collect is likely to go in to tomorrow's ice cream, butter and homemade yogurt.


Time out with a massage and yoga

Join us in our tent down by the river where Joy our Olepangi masseuse will pamper you with locally grown oils and lavender grown on the farm. Then relax in the shade of our trees by the Ngishishi river.  Bliss.

We have regular visiting yoga teachers from around the world. Join for asana and pranayama classes before breakfast or lunch or an evening meditation under the stars. If this is a particular interest, contact us for availability and if we don’t have one in residence, we can arrange local instruction from one of the wonderful local instructors (for extra charge.). Or join Joy using Down Dog.



Gathering our fruit, vegetables and flowers

Join the joyful garden team as they begin the day gathering fresh organic produce from our garden, which will miraculously appear on your plate at lunch and dinner.  Along the way, the garden team will share how we use manure from the stables and food waste from the kitchen to créate our own compost.  We make our own organic insecticides as well, using natural plants from the farm and animal waste; sprayed twice a week this keeps out most pests.  We also grow our own flowers for the rooms and common spaces.  We believe you can never have too many flowers.

Bread making in the kitchen

Join our Chefs in the heart of the farm . . . the kitchen . . . and his team for their daily bread making. Be the first to taste the fresh bread as it comes out of the oven.  Sometimes we even bake it in the Big Green Egg which is a different experience.

Be sure to leave some for other guests!

Fancy a horse ride?

Horses are our passion and we have many horses to suit the various skills of our guests.  We’ve got fast, slow, easy and slightly more lively horses . . . who all love to go out and about on the farm.  Ride out with our experienced syces and enjoy the beauty the neighbouring community.  Or a little farm ride along the river? Perhaps polo on our bush pitch? Has it been some time since you rode a horse? Never mind; there are easy options for lessons in our arena.

Our horses are mostly thoroughbreds raised in Kenya, though some come from South Africa. We also have a few cross-breeds especially well suited to the terrain of Laikipia. Several of our horses are bred right on the farm for which we are particularly proud of.

Take a walk in the community

Our local guide, Mr Kariuki is a legend amongst our guests.  He is the little gem and surprise of Olepangi Farm.  Everyone says so.  The man is a genius and is deeply knowledgeable about most things in the world.  He's engaging, fun and funny.  If you're like most guests, you'll find yourself deeply caught up in an interesting conversation on politics, philosophy and current events happening in the world.

Mr Kariuki will take you on a magical walk to the waterfalls and around the

community, introducing you to neighbours along the way.  Take as long or as little time as you like.  Many of our guests go out with him everyday.  It's up to you!

Be aware, we charge a small $10 charge for each guests per walk as a contribution to Mr Kariuki and the community.