Clinton and Elizabeth

This family-run lodge offers amazing views over the natural surroundings and is hosted by Elizabeth, who along with her late husband Clinton, developed the farm as a lifelong dream to live in such a paradise. 

The beautifully appointed cottages are decorated with rich antique carpets and beds. Each one has a private bathroom and is fitted with a shower and comes with beautiful organic soap, shampoo and conditioner handmade in Kenya. At the farm, guests can enjoy massages, horse riding, community walks, croquet, gin tastings and the favourite option "do nothing." Further afield, the beautiful Laikipia region is ideal for hiking, horse riding and game viewing. Guests can take day trips into the many neighbouring wildlife reserves including Samburu National Park, Ol Pejeta, Lolldaigas, Solio and into Ngare Ndare Forest.

Our Team

Olepangi Farm wouldn't be possible without the dedication and support from an amazing team.
From the staff in the kitchen who make food with care and love, to the housekeepers who make sure your rooms are cozy and comfortable, to the syces who manage and exercise our horses, to student volunteers who help host your stay . . . they all add that little bit of magic that makes the farm a little piece of paradise.  And let's not forget the famous dogs Zsa Zsa and Ginger and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (aka Monty) and Lady Clementine Churchill (aka Clemmie) . . . the farm would simply not be the same without them.

Our Food - Fresh From The Farm and Local Area

We need not just to feed our bodies, but to feed also our minds and spirits as well!

Exceptional food does play an enormous part in engaging our senses. Creating farm-to-table, fresh, healthy and tasty food doesn't come without passion and real resolve to make it happen.   

Because we believe in the health of our environment, our bodies, and our soils, we choose to grow organically. This is our passion.  And each day we learn something new.

Our farm like much of the land in the area was overgrazed and lacking in basic nutrients. Our red-sandy subsoil is now the foundation for our farming practices. Luckily with lots of love and organic matter, our soil is now full of life.  A big shout out to our horses for playing their part in producing so much manure!

Our chefs and vegetable gardening team are always looking to grow new seasonal foods with the eye of turning them into delicious, healthy dishes for our guests.  In fact, many guests join our team in the morning to collect the vegetables for the day, try their hand at milking or joining our chefs to help bake our daily fresh bread. Yum!  

We are proud to have such a committed team!

Our Gardens

Our lush soils are perfect for growing flower! And we do that in abundance. From dragon snaps to lavender we can't think of anything better than weaving our way around the flower filled paths, picking some as we go for our cottages and giving our bees a very good reason for providing us with what, we think, is the best honey around. 

We've just recently implemented drip irrigation and we marvel at how successful this has been in reducing our water consumption.  Why didn't we do this years ago?